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FTLN – The Blow Monkeys

October 12, 2017


Tucked Into the Electronic Wave EP – Palm Honey

October 8, 2017

Format: 12″ Black vinyl

Side A1: Palace – trippy indie punk pop anthem layers with ethereal vocals and underpinned with bouncy vibrant drums. A 90s indie feel that comes to full illumination when the horn section kicks in. Plaintive but soulful building to epicness. A real Curiosity Killed the Cat vibe.

Side A2: Stick the Knife In – thumping heavy bassy substrater and clangy plucky guitar surround a mournful lost vocal. A strange world of darkness and infinite shoe-gazing.

Side B1: Going Normal – a wide western electronic dreamscape with an Inspiral Carpets mystical trippy tone. Perfect indie festival shuffles with tribal drumming and hypnotic sweeping guitars.

Side B2: I Can Try – bright bubbly 60s styling pop. Hazy spaced out vocals with playful guitars. Blessed out in a pleasurable dream world. Immense use of keyboards, organ and piano. Builds and grows into a Bowie-esque epic with howling horns and soul crunching composition.

Score: 8/10

Thought: travelling far on a bus made of vocals and geeeetars!

Info: Palm Honey / Flying Vinyl

Old Skool Dayz – Tom Glide feat. Chidi

October 8, 2017

Format: 12″ Black vinyl

Side A: classic early 80s summer soul rnb smooth choon packed to the rafters with soulful elegance and beautiful vocals. Mellow and relaxed with Neneh Cherry styling and chilled out beats. Stunningly gorgeous vocals from Chidi. 

Side B: two fantastic remixes by Ashley Needle and cohorts. Remix 1 brings a clean crisp feel to the track with more 70s inspired vibes and pads and a disco undertone. Remix 2 is stripped back to the bare and oh so beautiful vocals with instruments and samples sipping in and out. Perfect for headphones. A Brand New Heavies flavour throughout.

Score: 9/10

Thought: hot in the city, hot in the city tonight…where’s my Walkman and rollerskates?

Info: Wax and Stamp / Tom Glide

Dart/Disco/Drag – Blklstrs

October 8, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: DART – a razor sharp distortion of slicing guitars and in your face 70s screamo punk vocals. A disharmonic head rush of tortured guitar is browbeaten by insistent tub thumping drums and underscored by hell-sent doom laden bass. This is pit of the soul punk…the theme tune to Dante’s Circles of Hell Tours.

Side B1: DISCO – a chiming solo guitar is reconciled by a low and dirty bassline and agitprop megaphone vocals. From the street prosletysing proclaiming an evil land of no hope and despair. A world view lacquered with primal scream therapy.

Side B2: DRAG – punk mendicant sensibilities travelling through a blasted post-apocalyptic world on a death-train powered by ginormous chords and desperate vocalizations. Siren-like repetitive concatenation of mournful pain.

Score: 8/10

Thought: punk from the depths of Hades brought to you in partnership with Strepsils!

Info: Too Pure Singles Club / blklstrs bandcamp

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