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Everyday Another Sanction – Coldcut X ON-U Sound feat. Chezidek

May 31, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl 

Note: this is the first track of eight from the May 2017 released Outside The Echo Chamber 7″ vinyl boxset by Coldcut (and they signed my box set, woohoo!)

House and electronica legends Coldcut return on top form with this eclectic box set of eight 7″ collaborations. First out of the box is this evocative slow beat reggae slice of Jamaican sunshine. Low and bassy with oodles of Caribbean charm, hypnotic vocals and luscious stereo instrumentation. Its a summer evening big reverb hunk of reggae storytelling pie from the old school. A big sound to fill your ears and your soul.

The b-side features a fabulous dub version.

Score: 8/10

Thought: I am back in a hot London summer of 1987 tuning in to pirate reggae radio station having my mind blown by a whole new world of music 



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