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Alternative Facts/Space Garbage – Mush

June 21, 2017

Format: 7″ purple vinyl

NB: even though this is a 7″ it is meant to be played at 33rpm…there’s no mention of this on the packaging so don’t make the mistake I made, initially playing it at 45rpm and getting the chipmunk version! Yes…I am an idiot, but then again I did think they were trying to be experimental and creative (that’s my defence…really!)

Side A: slow beat alt-indie with oodles of discordant picked guitar. The repetition starts to feel like a form of hypnosis or inculcation. Plinky plonky rhythmic devices offer a catchy alternative vibe, as the song builds to higher realms of psychedelia and pseudo Ramones distorted noise. Bizarrely the track continues onto the first half of side B where it continues to build and grow like an out of control noise monster, indoctrinating you with its repetitive call to arms!

Side B: once the first track finally leaves the room, Space Garbage takes over the party with its twanging phasing guitars and hard-to-hear vocals, lost in a galaxy of wibbly wobbly trashy noise. Upbeat alt-indie sliced through with a discordant mess of tortured guitars and heart-pounding drums. Throw in the chorused choir and you’ve got something uniquely weird but quite compelling. A band very much in love with the sound of wow and flutter!

Score: 8/10

Thought: experimental alt rock with side-orders of tub thumping and a smattering of psychedelic sauciness topped off with fluttering time oddities.

Info: @toopuresingles


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