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Do You Love Enough/Help Me – Nia Wyn

March 8, 2018

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: DO YOU LOVE ENOUGH – A dark and dusky, sultry slow jazz shuffle suffused with gorgeous female vocals. Engaging and insightful lyrics propel you into a seedy dive bar, shadows encroaching as you are drawn inexorably into the story being spun by the singer. All that, and some lovely oooh aaahs!

Side B: HELP ME – We’ve moved down the street to a smokey blues club. A deeply soulful song featuring characterful and powerful falsetto vocals. A bit blues, a smidge bluegrass, with a soupcon of hip hop/house rhythm section. Real life stuffed in a slow-jam package.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: Fedora hats and whiskey chasers – the singer in this dive bar is something stunningly special.

Info: Nia Wyn (Twitter) / Flying Vinyl



Be Your Man / Dead Dreamers – Demob Happy

February 27, 2018

Format: 7″ Transparent Green Vinyl

Side A: BE YOUR MAN – beat-tastic modern-day Beatles, melodic thumping rock/pop with a rollicking rhythm section and 60s experimental vocals.  Great fun, exciting music that grabs you by the balls and never lets go!

Side B: DEAD DREAMERS – an homage to Muse? It certainly sounds like Matt Bellamy vocals, and the overall electro-rock style will immediately bring the Bristol rockers to your mind. It is an accomplished piece of song-writing chock full of sonic canyons, blistering big guitars and insistent rhythmic patterns. There’s a touch of Billy Talent hidden within. Beautiful production offers up a full soundscape to revel in.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: An accomplished homage to two amazing bands – what else is up the sleeve of Demob Happy?

Info: Demob Happy (Twitter) / Flying Vinyl


Palace / Ultraviolet – The Amazons

February 27, 2018

Format: 7″ Orange Vinyl

Side A: PALACE – a big ballady slab of poetic piano pop/rock. Featuring fantastically strong emotional vocals and a solid epic sound. This is poignant indie-pop and it pulls you into its world and takes you on a magic-carpet ride of highs and lows.

Side B: ULTRAVIOLET – another indie anthem but this time with a strong Keane-meets-Foo Fighters vibe throughout. An upbeat, martial rhythmic belter, true festival pleaser. Radio indie-rock, yes…but this is no by-the-numbers middle-of-the-road rock song. A call to arms, with anthemic vocals.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: Preach with beats, my friends.

Info: The Amazons (twitter) / Flying Vinyl


Shipwreck Blues EP – My First Tooth

February 27, 2018

Format: 12″ Pink Marble Vinyl

5 track indie-pop EP. Wow, what a wonderful find. A grab-bag of indie, folk and rock, with a large-group ensemble vibe. How amazing this band must be at festivals! A beautiful blend of multi-part vocals with folk instruments and brass/horn sections. A set of round-the-fire sing along anthems featuring strong and pitch-perfect harmonies. This is the emotional core of summer evenings, world-watching, a little bit hippy but with strains of melancholia and mystery. Each song presents us with a big, wide world of experiences, a wealth of characters and opportunities. They entertain with flavours of Celtic traditions and traditional rock influences. A truly wonderful listen

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: Smooth…nice…super…wow!

Info: The Lost Music Club / Wax and Stamp


Take It Easy On Those Corners, Baby EP – The Attika State

February 27, 2018

Format: 12″ Pink Marble Vinyl

A 5 track EP of incredible melodic rock. Beautiful heartfelt vocals vie with energetic, pacey instrumentation. This is a modern rock band who have mastered the art of ‘band playing’ with no one player showboating, and the whole being lifted by the skills of its parts. All 5 tracks showcase fantastic storytelling lyrics blended with toe-tapping music. The EP has a 90s indie vibe, solid tight playing and accomplished production. This is a band I just know are brilliant in a live environment. A mix of crowd-pleasing anthems and thought-provoking indie-rock think-pieces. There’s terrific high tempo drumming, and the overall feeling is that this would fit perfectly as the closing live track in the film EMPIRE RECORDS.

Plus: what an incredible piece of cover art!

Score: 8.5/10 + 1.5 for the cover art = 10/10!

Vinyl Thought: 5 tracks of non-stop outrageously amazing melodic rock – now we need a full LP!

Info: The Attika State / The Lost Music Club / Wax and Stamp


Dream Themes

February 27, 2018

Format: 2 x 7″ Black Vinyl

This is a very unusual release from the amazing folk at Too Pure Singles Club – in fact, sadly, it is the very last release from them, as they have now closed down.

Across four sides of 7″ vinyl the Dream Themes team perform a plethora of classic TV theme tunes, mostly close-to-the-orignal but also with a lounge bar band super-cool aesthetic.

This is a truly odd release, but one that is chock full of fun, silliness and incredible musicianship. As a final hurrah, this is perfect Too Pure. They never put a foot wrong, and with this double set they leave us on a real happy high!

Score: 10/10

Vinyl Thought: RIP Too Pure Singles Club…you were nothing short of fantastic.

Info: Dream Themes


City In Reverse / Kendrick Road – The Leaf Library

February 27, 2018

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: CITY IN REVERSE – A lo-fi mysterious mood-piece with multi-layered male & female harmonised vocals. A dark moody musical melange that builds slowly to a feeling of possibility.  A thoughtful but unnerving hypnotically repetitive invocation of life’s thought processes. Guitars and synths blend mirage-like with the evocative lyrics.

Side B: KENDRICK ROAD – pitch-perfect Anime score with a taste for travelling. Angelic female vocals playfully engage with gorgeous strings and teasing timpani. A magical and inspirational bag of instrumental tricks that soars through the soul and leaves you smiling.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: A guided music missile aimed straight at your soul

Info: The Leaf Library / WIAIWYA / Wax and Stamp


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