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July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: a glorified gluttony of wow & fluttery instrumentation, topped by lazy lo-fi vocals. A weirdly discordant indie pop pleasure palace drowning in an oddity of musicality. Toe-tapping rhythm hidden beneath strangely swirly sussurations of sound.

Side B: Tingly tangly twangly guitar slathered in reverberant 90s style vocals. A wide, laconic detuned eton mess of a track. Sharp and sweet detuned riffs wrestle against dreamy indie party shuffling vibes.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: a whole heap of swirly whirly music that grabs your attention then slaps your ears up and down

Info: @ffamilyfriends @flying_vinyl


We’re Taking Control – Warriors of the Dystoteque ft. Pop Will Eat Itself

June 25, 2017

Format: 10″ transparent vinyl

A brand new super-limited edition 10″ from the electro geniuses WotD. Mid 80s early hip hop meets mid-late 80s house and modern electronica in a fabulous fusion deserving it’s own mad professor screaming “IT LIVES!” as thunder roars overhead. This is gloriously old school and has deep veins of authenticity thanks to the collaboration with electronic dance pioneering legends Pop Will Eat Itself. Close your eyes and those of us of a certain age will feel a heady rush of musical nostalgia…but this is no synth-wave wannabe, this is a colossus of pure electronic dancery, a synthesized oversized Kaiju of hard drums and trip beats swatting at the aeroplanes of conventionality. Simple on one level, almost New Order like lyrics and vocals…this is typically WotD in that there is so much more happening underneath. From sublime cubase-esque tone patterns to 70s analogue synth arpeggios. If you have an appreciation for electronica and skilfully built tracks them this is one for you.

Side A has the original mix plus a remix, whilst Side B has an extended Robertson remix.

Ridiculously rare but a must have for fans of this truly outstanding musical collective.

Score: 10/10

Thought: Ambassador you are spoiling us with these fly beats and old school aural forms

Info: @Dysto_Warriors

Alternative Facts/Space Garbage – Mush

June 21, 2017

Format: 7″ purple vinyl

NB: even though this is a 7″ it is meant to be played at 33rpm…there’s no mention of this on the packaging so don’t make the mistake I made, initially playing it at 45rpm and getting the chipmunk version! Yes…I am an idiot, but then again I did think they were trying to be experimental and creative (that’s my defence…really!)

Side A: slow beat alt-indie with oodles of discordant picked guitar. The repetition starts to feel like a form of hypnosis or inculcation. Plinky plonky rhythmic devices offer a catchy alternative vibe, as the song builds to higher realms of psychedelia and pseudo Ramones distorted noise. Bizarrely the track continues onto the first half of side B where it continues to build and grow like an out of control noise monster, indoctrinating you with its repetitive call to arms!

Side B: once the first track finally leaves the room, Space Garbage takes over the party with its twanging phasing guitars and hard-to-hear vocals, lost in a galaxy of wibbly wobbly trashy noise. Upbeat alt-indie sliced through with a discordant mess of tortured guitars and heart-pounding drums. Throw in the chorused choir and you’ve got something uniquely weird but quite compelling. A band very much in love with the sound of wow and flutter!

Score: 8/10

Thought: experimental alt rock with side-orders of tub thumping and a smattering of psychedelic sauciness topped off with fluttering time oddities.

Info: @toopuresingles

Room to Grow/Sailing/You Can’t Date a Model/Peckham – Bad Parents

June 18, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl EP 

Side A1: finest indie folk flavour vocals aired across a grand canyon of guitar. A smorgasbord of UK country and blues yet proudly sporting an early 90s indie pub vibe. Plaintive yet soul searching.

Side A2: a dark melancholic cardigan hiding the dirge-like tattoos underneath. Lo fi plodding yet ethereal siren vocals enveloped by a whalesong of despair whilst the ocean views expand all around you.

Side B1: does what it says in the title, a chart rundown of people you can’t date and why. A Stereophonics tone underscores hope-beats-reality indie romance lyric. Simple chord guitar leads to shoe gazing with occasional bursts of bright notes and quirky hopefulness.

Side B2: it’s all twangy guitars and a headrush of Del Amitri verses pushing us towards a crowd pleasing sing along hands in the air chorus. It’s a full-on end of your student days romantic dream…hold on before real life shatters it all.

Score: 7/10

Thought: eclectic and eccentric luscious vocals with wings that soar and swoop on updraughts of powerful guitar but which are too often weighed down by dour downdraughts and get mired in myopic misery

Info: @misty_miller @flying_vinyl 

Paperboy/Tightrope – Dama Scout 

June 18, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: a busy slow beat fused with an angelicly distorted vocal. Twisty twangy new wave guitar drizzled with a light topping of dreamy lyrics resulting in a delicious 90s indie movie theme pudding. Layered sounds flies into a wide open disharmonic splurge. One for the cymbal-holics out there.

Side B: Cure-esque shuffling lo fi discordant indie quirkiness. A rich road journey of whimsical yet ghostly vocals hitting regular 80s goth speedbumps along the way. Languid and unusual…leaves you staring at the dance floor as you mumble and stumble the night away.

Score: 7.5/10

Thought: the finest sort of naughty messiness you don’t mind cleaning up afterwards. An experimental indie mendicant gazing lovingly in the mirror at their inner 80s muso 

Info: @damascout @flying_vinyl 

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