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Shipwreck Blues EP – My First Tooth

Feb 27, 2018

Format: 12″ Pink Marble Vinyl

5 track indie-pop EP. Wow, what a wonderful find. A grab-bag of indie, folk and rock, with a large-group ensemble vibe. How amazing this band must be at festivals! A beautiful blend of multi-part vocals with folk instruments and brass/horn sections. A set of round-the-fire sing along anthems featuring strong and pitch-perfect harmonies. This is the emotional core of summer evenings, world-watching, a little bit hippy but with strains of melancholia and mystery. Each song presents us with a big, wide world of experiences, a wealth of characters and opportunities. They entertain with flavours of Celtic traditions and traditional rock influences. A truly wonderful listen

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: Smooth…nice…super…wow!

Info: The Lost Music Club / Wax and Stamp



FTLN – Marmozets

Feb 10, 2018

Neil and #BobTheHat are back for another new #vinyl review for 2018. This time it is the fantastic debut album from UK indie band MARMOZETS.


You can grab a copy of the album here:…

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Feb 8, 2018


Neil and #BobTheHat are back for their first review of 2018…and it is a slam dunk #vinyl LP smash! The incredible Warriors of the Dystotheque have released their debut LP on their own label and it is sheer brilliance. To grab your own copy of the album visit:

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FTLN – Ramrock Records Reviews Day 7 – Ghetto Priest LP

Nov 19, 2017


It is DAY 7 of our 7 Day RAMROCK RECORDS REVIEW WEEK – Neil Gardner and Bob the Hat explore 7 vinyl releases from UK label Ramrock Records.

Day 7 – Ghetto Priest “Every Man For Every Man” LP

Ramrock Logo

Format: 12″ Black Vinyl LP

For the final vinyl review of the Ramrock Records Review Week, I return to the genius who is Ghetto Priest and the album EVERY MAN FOR EVERY MAN. Ten tracks of reggae bliss and perfection. An album of stories told by a master wordsmith at the height of his musical powers. Ghetto Priest has delivered a timeless gem of an LP, every song taking you on a different journey with effortless grace and a sense of rhythm and groove many other musicians can only dream of. There are no stand-out tracks because EVERY track stands out. This long-player demands a single sitting, and while your ears will always be rewarded by a quick dip in and out, the sense of completeness and message you get from listening from start to finish is immense.

There is no repetition of themes or styles here, each track is its own reggae masterpiece. The blend of vocals and instrumentation is a marvel to behold, neither one dominating, but both equally crafted to create a greater sum than its (already epic) parts. This is an LP that rewards multiple listens, and also works well both on speakers (crank it up, nod that head, jam out) and on headphones (let those rich, highly styled vocals and instruments infect your brain and soothe your soul).

A shout-out to the packaging design…this LP sleeve has a joyous and slightly sensual feeling to it, an unusual texture that makes it oh-so-pleasing to hold. But the tour-de-grace is the incredible cover art, which is part street-art, part modern classic. It shouts out at you with a Bond-villain quality, but memorises and tempts you to come closer and indulge in the miraculous music within. I want a second coy of the album just so I can hang a copy on the wall and display the cover as the modern artwork it most definitely is!

Rather than a track-by-track breakdown, let me instead just exhort you to buy this album if you have even just 1% love of reggae. This will enhance your life, pleasure your ears and lighten your day – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it also brought peace to the world, fixed that broken pipe under the sink, cleared up the cat’s lumbago and brought all the boys to the yard, it’s THAT good!

Score: 10/10

Thought: What a way to end the week! Thank you Ghetto Priest for preaching the purity of your music!

Info: Ramrock Records

P.S. This has been a great, fun experiment for me and Bob here in the nook, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it with us. Many thanks must go to Jo Wallace of Ramrock Records for supplying the vinyl and not expecting anything of me but to enjoy listening to some vinyl…what an amazing person she is. Thanks also to all the musicians who have created such luscious and deeply moving music…you are all very special people with world-changing talent, be proud! Please help spread the word about the Listening Nook and let’s see if between us we can bet those subscribers up and views increased, and then use that to continue to preach the gospel of #vinyl and #newmusic together!

Twitter: @listeningnook



Ramrock Logo

FTLN – Ramrock Records Reviews Day 6 – Soul Train

Nov 18, 2017


It is DAY 6 of our 7 Day RAMROCK RECORDS REVIEW WEEK – Neil Gardner and Bob the Hat explore 7 vinyl releases from UK label Ramrock Records.

Day 6 – Tom Glide & Hil St. Soul “Soul Train”

Ramrock Logo

Format: 12″ Black Vinyl

Side A: pure gold plated musical perfection embossed into a shiny spinning platter. Funky, soulful, playful and utterly beautiful. Aretha-like vocals that paint a story-scape blissfully of an evocative time and place. Great use of saxophone and modern production techniques, but with genius smaller interludes and breakdowns. You can’t help but dance, dance, dance! A simpler composition, not too busy, which allows you to focus on the astonishingly beguiling and exquisite vocal performance. This whole track is gorgeous from first note to last. A modern soul-dance insta-calssic. Like all the tracks from Tom Glide’s outstanding DIVAS GOT SOUL album, this fits perfectly within the vibe of that album but also manages to stand clear and proud…no mean feat considering the quality of the other tracks!

Side B: Another of those cheeky and astoundingly good Ashley Beedle North Street Remixes, alongside a Stripped Back Remix – both add to the track’s wealth of beauty and form the perfect companion pieces.

Score: 20/10!

Thought: Just dance…and sing…and dance some more!

Info: Ramrock Records

Ramrock Logo

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