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Bonnie/Love – Anteros

Jan 5, 2018

Format: 7″ Yellow/Orange Vinyl

Side A: BONNIE – The amazing Anteros are back with another slice of modern lively pop exuberance, over-flowing with Blondie-esque vocals and bouncy, upbeat fun! A super-sized helping of personality flows through this corker of a track backed by vibrant guitars and a hint of bubble-gum pop.

Side B: LOVE – a dreamy, bittersweet pop ballad infused with a gorgeous 80s feel and just the right amount of Jane Wiedlin vocal styling. A driving rhythm melds beautifully with a delicious main course of storytelling.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: 2018 won’t officially start until the debut Anteros album is released!

Info: @anterosofficial / Flying Vinyl



Drunk / Ring Ring – Anteros

Mar 29, 2017

Format: 7″ light blue vinyl

Side A: Drunk is a modern funk disco pop rock combo with infectious beats with engaging female vocals offering a sense of party and fun. The perfect slice of 7″ songwriting offering danceability layered with storytelling. Strong production brings all the elements together but never overwhelms, creating a truly lovely pop rock party classic.

Side B: Ring Ring is a darker eighties inspired box of musical delights. Wonderfully controlled female vocals never dominate but are perfectly weighted to build a slice of life. Slower beats constructed from gorgeously twanging guitar and luscious bass keep the track moving forwards with a sense of travel and strut. Another winner.

Score: 10/10

Thought: infectious party cake brings feelings of happiness, to then head out to darkened streets where to strut your thing is to live your life

Info: @Flying_Vinyl / @anterosofficial

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