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Be Your Man / Dead Dreamers – Demob Happy

Feb 27, 2018

Format: 7″ Transparent Green Vinyl

Side A: BE YOUR MAN – beat-tastic modern-day Beatles, melodic thumping rock/pop with a rollicking rhythm section and 60s experimental vocals.  Great fun, exciting music that grabs you by the balls and never lets go!

Side B: DEAD DREAMERS – an homage to Muse? It certainly sounds like Matt Bellamy vocals, and the overall electro-rock style will immediately bring the Bristol rockers to your mind. It is an accomplished piece of song-writing chock full of sonic canyons, blistering big guitars and insistent rhythmic patterns. There’s a touch of Billy Talent hidden within. Beautiful production offers up a full soundscape to revel in.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: An accomplished homage to two amazing bands – what else is up the sleeve of Demob Happy?

Info: Demob Happy (Twitter) / Flying Vinyl


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