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July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ white vinyl

Side A: a gorgeous slice of pure garage punk, swimming in it’s early Blondie influences. Massive rolling drums and bright rhythmic guitars play happily with the raw attitude of the storming female vocals. Thrumming, slashing guitar work brings thoughts of 70s US punk bands. Modern punk-pop doing it old-school! Where are my DMs? I feel the need for some punk-club carousing!

Side B: extremely raw sounding punk-club vocals pogo their way around simple chord-progression guitars and stomping drums. A drastically short sharp pure-punk perspective, sadly dragged down by too-distorted and reverbed vocals. Trying so hard to be authentic 70s punk it comes off as retro-kitsch rather than required listening. Accomplished playing across the board, but just too close to the original punks to sound relevant.

Score: 7.5/10

Vinyl Thought: proper punk played to perfection, but maybe one too many feet in the past

Info: @cosmicsband @flying_vinyl



July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: grungy loud guitars strike hard at the heart of this student punk-pop masterpiece. Fast and frenetic vocals sung with passion and real soul strutting style. A dichotomy at the soul of this track…it is so raw yet equally beautifully refined. An in-the-studio-with-the-band feeling grows with big drums pumping energy and fun out of the speakers.

Side B: a student-bar floor filler from start to finish, with grimy gritty guitar noise splattering across the soundscape. A Hard-Fi sound, a cold hard slap of lad-rock featuring super-tight playing and ‘we’ve found a new indie rock star’ vocals. Riff heavy anthem to stomp along to and bring the damn house down!

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: its getting rowdy in here, but don’t worry, you’re invited to join the fun

Info: @joyroommusic @flying_vinyl



July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ blue vinyl

Side A: a full-fat punk pudding of indie rhythmic gorgeousness. Super-powered female vocals slide effortlessly over upbeat, striking and solid instrumentation. Paramore meets Blondie, this easy-on-the-ear storytelling offers in-your-face honesty mixed with energetic passionate lyrics.

Side B: chow down on some countrified vibes as powerful & fun vocals slip and slide over the top. Pop stylings merged with slightly dirty guitars, there’s a hint of Mutt Lange production and Bryan Adams lyricism here, and a voice redolent of early Joan Osborne at her finest. Bouncy, insistent and just what you need to boost your day.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: astonishing vocals and thought-provoking lyrics with added glitz n glamour and bouncy-as-heck musicality

Info: @thisiszuzu @flying_vinyl



July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: slow driving beat underlines mystical esoteric vocals. A Tears For Fears sound excites as dreamy epic vistas are drawn before you. Beautifully picked guitar throw serious shapes as layered pads and harmonised vocals vie for attention on the bouncy castle of musical genius. Indie-rock-pop with a hazy lazy 80s vibe.

Side B: an ethereal layered Charlatans/Inspiral Carpets-esque tune. Distant misty vocals flirt with summery guitars and goth-like bass notes. It takes you underwater to a realm of North Eastern psychedelia. Swirly bubbly alt-pop at it’s very best.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: a seething cauldron of indie-pop brilliance and braggadocio

Info: @seeinghandsband @flying_vinyl



July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: a glorified gluttony of wow & fluttery instrumentation, topped by lazy lo-fi vocals. A weirdly discordant indie pop pleasure palace drowning in an oddity of musicality. Toe-tapping rhythm hidden beneath strangely swirly sussurations of sound.

Side B: Tingly tangly twangly guitar slathered in reverberant 90s style vocals. A wide, laconic detuned eton mess of a track. Sharp and sweet detuned riffs wrestle against dreamy indie party shuffling vibes.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: a whole heap of swirly whirly music that grabs your attention then slaps your ears up and down

Info: @ffamilyfriends @flying_vinyl


Room to Grow/Sailing/You Can’t Date a Model/Peckham – Bad Parents

June 18, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl EP 

Side A1: finest indie folk flavour vocals aired across a grand canyon of guitar. A smorgasbord of UK country and blues yet proudly sporting an early 90s indie pub vibe. Plaintive yet soul searching.

Side A2: a dark melancholic cardigan hiding the dirge-like tattoos underneath. Lo fi plodding yet ethereal siren vocals enveloped by a whalesong of despair whilst the ocean views expand all around you.

Side B1: does what it says in the title, a chart rundown of people you can’t date and why. A Stereophonics tone underscores hope-beats-reality indie romance lyric. Simple chord guitar leads to shoe gazing with occasional bursts of bright notes and quirky hopefulness.

Side B2: it’s all twangy guitars and a headrush of Del Amitri verses pushing us towards a crowd pleasing sing along hands in the air chorus. It’s a full-on end of your student days romantic dream…hold on before real life shatters it all.

Score: 7/10

Thought: eclectic and eccentric luscious vocals with wings that soar and swoop on updraughts of powerful guitar but which are too often weighed down by dour downdraughts and get mired in myopic misery

Info: @misty_miller @flying_vinyl 

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