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FTLN – Ramrock Records Reviews Day 6 – Soul Train

Nov 18, 2017


It is DAY 6 of our 7 Day RAMROCK RECORDS REVIEW WEEK – Neil Gardner and Bob the Hat explore 7 vinyl releases from UK label Ramrock Records.

Day 6 – Tom Glide & Hil St. Soul “Soul Train”

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Format: 12″ Black Vinyl

Side A: pure gold plated musical perfection embossed into a shiny spinning platter. Funky, soulful, playful and utterly beautiful. Aretha-like vocals that paint a story-scape blissfully of an evocative time and place. Great use of saxophone and modern production techniques, but with genius smaller interludes and breakdowns. You can’t help but dance, dance, dance! A simpler composition, not too busy, which allows you to focus on the astonishingly beguiling and exquisite vocal performance. This whole track is gorgeous from first note to last. A modern soul-dance insta-calssic. Like all the tracks from Tom Glide’s outstanding DIVAS GOT SOUL album, this fits perfectly within the vibe of that album but also manages to stand clear and proud…no mean feat considering the quality of the other tracks!

Side B: Another of those cheeky and astoundingly good Ashley Beedle North Street Remixes, alongside a Stripped Back Remix – both add to the track’s wealth of beauty and form the perfect companion pieces.

Score: 20/10!

Thought: Just dance…and sing…and dance some more!

Info: Ramrock Records

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