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Tucked Into the Electronic Wave EP – Palm Honey

October 8, 2017

Format: 12″ Black vinyl

Side A1: Palace – trippy indie punk pop anthem layers with ethereal vocals and underpinned with bouncy vibrant drums. A 90s indie feel that comes to full illumination when the horn section kicks in. Plaintive but soulful building to epicness. A real Curiosity Killed the Cat vibe.

Side A2: Stick the Knife In – thumping heavy bassy substrater and clangy plucky guitar surround a mournful lost vocal. A strange world of darkness and infinite shoe-gazing.

Side B1: Going Normal – a wide western electronic dreamscape with an Inspiral Carpets mystical trippy tone. Perfect indie festival shuffles with tribal drumming and hypnotic sweeping guitars.

Side B2: I Can Try – bright bubbly 60s styling pop. Hazy spaced out vocals with playful guitars. Blessed out in a pleasurable dream world. Immense use of keyboards, organ and piano. Builds and grows into a Bowie-esque epic with howling horns and soul crunching composition.

Score: 8/10

Thought: travelling far on a bus made of vocals and geeeetars!

Info: Palm Honey / Flying Vinyl



July 2, 2017


Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: a glorified gluttony of wow & fluttery instrumentation, topped by lazy lo-fi vocals. A weirdly discordant indie pop pleasure palace drowning in an oddity of musicality. Toe-tapping rhythm hidden beneath strangely swirly sussurations of sound.

Side B: Tingly tangly twangly guitar slathered in reverberant 90s style vocals. A wide, laconic detuned eton mess of a track. Sharp and sweet detuned riffs wrestle against dreamy indie party shuffling vibes.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: a whole heap of swirly whirly music that grabs your attention then slaps your ears up and down

Info: @ffamilyfriends @flying_vinyl


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