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Old Skool Dayz – Tom Glide feat. Chidi

October 8, 2017

Format: 12″ Black vinyl

Side A: classic early 80s summer soul rnb smooth choon packed to the rafters with soulful elegance and beautiful vocals. Mellow and relaxed with Neneh Cherry styling and chilled out beats. Stunningly gorgeous vocals from Chidi. 

Side B: two fantastic remixes by Ashley Needle and cohorts. Remix 1 brings a clean crisp feel to the track with more 70s inspired vibes and pads and a disco undertone. Remix 2 is stripped back to the bare and oh so beautiful vocals with instruments and samples sipping in and out. Perfect for headphones. A Brand New Heavies flavour throughout.

Score: 9/10

Thought: hot in the city, hot in the city tonight…where’s my Walkman and rollerskates?

Info: Wax and Stamp / Tom Glide


Don’t Get Us Wrong / West Los – Substance Abuse

September 5, 2017


Format: 12″ Black Vinyl

Side A: a classic mid 80s hip hop feel filled with strong loops (and classy cowbell!). A trip through the canyons of a big US city. Lyrical storytelling with both group and solo representations. A call-to-arms that evokes the spirit of hip hop pioneers with flowing rapping and lock-step musicality. Old-school with modern sensibilities and a ‘I wish it lasted longer’ vibe.

Side B: a darker, bassier lyrical West Coast poem set afloat on a sea of classic drones and pads. A hot slice of real-life vocals telling the LA truth but without bravado or gangsta braggadocio. Old-school in the very finest way but with a modern-day realism. An ode to the City of Angels which would sound fantastic as the score to a film of TV series.

Score: 9/10

Thought:  a road-journey to the West Coast, a poetic rediscovery of legendary hip hop sounds and attitude. Plug me in and double the run-time!


Rear View Remix / Rear View – Substance Abuse and KRS One

September 3, 2017


Format: 7″ Blood Red Vinyl

Side A: KutMasta Kurt Remix – a superior slice of old-school hip hop slathered with saucy scratch trax and sensational street-level MCing. Simple but effective beats mix with traditional loops and get down samples, as the group lyrics and solo verses build biographical and compelling stories. Solid low rhythms pulse out with a pirate radio vibe. The purest form of traditional 80s hip hop – intelligent lyrics coupled with classic beats. So good to hear the KRS crew back on wax!

Side B: Original Version – a darker rap sound blended with a 90s hip hop feel. More aggression and attitude and a lower/bassier tone. With cleaner/simpler repetitive loops, this version allows the lyrics to stand out and you experience a more colourful vocal performance, stronger and more forward yet still underpinned by an insistent musicality

Score: 9/10

Thoughts: so old school they haven’t even built the damn school yet. Hip hop perfection with trad group vocals and solo break-downs – nothing but pure class!

Info: Substance Abuse

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