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Better Sit Down Boy/Boyfriend – Confidence Man

January 13, 2018

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: BETTER SIT DOWN BOY – scintillating old skool electronic drum pattern, oozing loops and samples, building a high-energy party vibe. A punchy, cheeky and fun cavalcade of happiness and joy. Like the Avalanches on speed. A true stomper of a track, featuring astonishing production values. Would fit just about any advert ever!

Side B: BOYFRIEND – bleeding-edge production serves up a banging digital party. Manic up-beat storytelling fused with a 60s aesthetic and layered synth genius. A hypnotic rhythm counterpoints the deadpan vocals. Electronics + humour + party = perfection!

Score: 10/10

Vinyl Thought: stomp the night away with digital party perfection

Info: @confidencemantm / Flying Vinyl



Don’t Get Us Wrong / West Los – Substance Abuse

September 5, 2017


Format: 12″ Black Vinyl

Side A: a classic mid 80s hip hop feel filled with strong loops (and classy cowbell!). A trip through the canyons of a big US city. Lyrical storytelling with both group and solo representations. A call-to-arms that evokes the spirit of hip hop pioneers with flowing rapping and lock-step musicality. Old-school with modern sensibilities and a ‘I wish it lasted longer’ vibe.

Side B: a darker, bassier lyrical West Coast poem set afloat on a sea of classic drones and pads. A hot slice of real-life vocals telling the LA truth but without bravado or gangsta braggadocio. Old-school in the very finest way but with a modern-day realism. An ode to the City of Angels which would sound fantastic as the score to a film of TV series.

Score: 9/10

Thought:  a road-journey to the West Coast, a poetic rediscovery of legendary hip hop sounds and attitude. Plug me in and double the run-time!


How Are You Wired/Scrape Yourself From the Floor – Pet Crow

August 28, 2017


Format: 7″ Lemon Yellow Vinyl

Side A: a frenetic ensemble of drums with punk-girl pop-i-ness. A pacey, upbeat bass-led stompingly fun punk-pop insta-classic. Channelling the very best of late 70s US female-led punk vibes, this is a real deal, a short sharp hit of musical perfection. Stuffs its punk credentials down your throat and never lets up!

Side B: Psychedelic surf-punk with a tsunami of luscious ethereal vocals. A spooky 60s undercurrent sweeps you out into the depths of echoic instrumentation. You are dragged back to the beach for a Halloween party pleaser, a high energy po-go-ing riot of raucous excitement. This is the sound of having a punk party in a lava-lamp!

Score: 10/10

Thoughts: It doesn’t get any better than this…flying the flag for perfectly performed punk-pop. Time to hit the dance floor and start a po-go party!

Info: Too Pure Singles Club / Pet Crow


Drunk / Ring Ring – Anteros

March 29, 2017

Format: 7″ light blue vinyl

Side A: Drunk is a modern funk disco pop rock combo with infectious beats with engaging female vocals offering a sense of party and fun. The perfect slice of 7″ songwriting offering danceability layered with storytelling. Strong production brings all the elements together but never overwhelms, creating a truly lovely pop rock party classic.

Side B: Ring Ring is a darker eighties inspired box of musical delights. Wonderfully controlled female vocals never dominate but are perfectly weighted to build a slice of life. Slower beats constructed from gorgeously twanging guitar and luscious bass keep the track moving forwards with a sense of travel and strut. Another winner.

Score: 10/10

Thought: infectious party cake brings feelings of happiness, to then head out to darkened streets where to strut your thing is to live your life

Info: @Flying_Vinyl / @anterosofficial

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