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FTLN Pet Crows

August 28, 2017


How Are You Wired/Scrape Yourself From the Floor – Pet Crow

August 28, 2017


Format: 7″ Lemon Yellow Vinyl

Side A: a frenetic ensemble of drums with punk-girl pop-i-ness. A pacey, upbeat bass-led stompingly fun punk-pop insta-classic. Channelling the very best of late 70s US female-led punk vibes, this is a real deal, a short sharp hit of musical perfection. Stuffs its punk credentials down your throat and never lets up!

Side B: Psychedelic surf-punk with a tsunami of luscious ethereal vocals. A spooky 60s undercurrent sweeps you out into the depths of echoic instrumentation. You are dragged back to the beach for a Halloween party pleaser, a high energy po-go-ing riot of raucous excitement. This is the sound of having a punk party in a lava-lamp!

Score: 10/10

Thoughts: It doesn’t get any better than this…flying the flag for perfectly performed punk-pop. Time to hit the dance floor and start a po-go party!

Info: Too Pure Singles Club / Pet Crow


Sissy Fists/Sass or Die – Queen Zee and the Sasstones

June 12, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: deep dark biscuits of noise iced on top with splurges of pop punk politics. This rabble rouser is anthemic screamo tenement agit-prop pop at its best. Full to bursting with swagger and bravado, a 2 minute short sharp shocker.

Side B: a glitzy party punk stomper perfect to break in your new DMs. An amazing DIY aesthetic anthem with lashings of fun attitude and a constellation of guitars. A back garden gig with nothing but the best in musical tasty treats.

Score: 8/10

Thought: I wanna do this for the rest of my life…with punk fries on the side, please

Info: @queenzeeuk @flying_vinyl 

You / Destroy – Tigercub

March 27, 2017

Format: 7″ pink translucent vinyl

Side A: Here’s a short sharp shock of throbbing guitars and bashing drums from Tigercub. Reminding me a little of Weezer but with less student-alluring angst and more pop punk sensibilities. A beautifully crafted melange of soaring guitars and hard but never aggressive vocals. A perfect slice of 7″ single nirvana for lovers of tightly produced indie rock.

Side B: Slightly more edge, grunge and industrial tones infuse this infectious track. Here is a band who clearly understand how to build a song using complementary instrumentation, soaring to dirty murky heights but never overwhelming the listener with too much noise. There’s a bit if Depeche Mode going on, but with ferocious guitars.

Score: 8/10

Thought: A whole heap of grungy guitars that leave a smile on your face and big thoughts in your mind.


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