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FTLN – Boy Azooga

Mar 16, 2018

DAY FIVE of five days of Flying Vinyl singles sees Neil & #BobtheHat finishing things off by enjoying some BOY AZOOGA on 7″ Black #vinyl

Side A: Loner Boogie
Side B: Face Behind her Cigarette


Twitter: @boy_azooga
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FTLN – Bad News Club

Mar 13, 2018

DAY TWO of five days of Flying Vinyl singles sees Neil & #BobtheHat enjoying some BAD NEWS CLUB on 7″ Black #vinyl

Side A: The Painter
Side B: Absent


Twitter: @badnewsclubuk
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Falling In Time/Bodyshock – Violets

Mar 8, 2018

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: FALLING IN TIME – A rhythmic electronic beats bonanza wrapped up in a miasma of magical female vocals. A tad trancey, a bit hypnotic, this pulsating and ethereal pop dance track stuffs envelopes full of deep meaning and posts them at you with glorious fervour. It might be a dance track, but it might also be a philosophical tract. Either way, it is fantastic.

Side B: BODYSHOCK – Trance bassline wedded to sublime vocals generates a wide and expansive electro-meets-contemplative-pop masterpiece. An eclectic mix of ambient sounds and instrumentation massages your ears and enriches your brain. This is think-piece music, a track with meaning and purpose.

Score: 10/10

Vinyl Thought: Let me live in this electro-philosophical world and float away on a pulsating beat of deep thought

Info: Violets (Twitter) / Flying Vinyl


Another Guy/Say One More Time – Luke Marzec

Mar 8, 2018

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: ANOTHER GUY – A raw and throaty male vocal grabs you by the balls and draws you in. Soulful and mysterious journeyman lyrics underpinned by electronic rhythms and great use of synths and tones. A repetitive and other worldly vibe, simple yet layered lo-fo meaty goodness. There’s a pleasing sensation of Stereophonics wafting throughout the track.

Side B: SAY ONE MORE TIME – A stripped-back lo-res synth jazz masterpiece, experimental yet reassuringly recognisable. A world-building journey into deep seas of sound, captained by a smooth but restrained vocal, heartfelt, back-of-the-throat lyrics. You are taken to synth heaven as the track builds to an awesome and epic finale.

Score: 9/10

Vinyl Thought: wibbly wobbly timey wimey cool cat brilliance

Info: @lukemarzecsworld (Facebook) /  Flying Vinyl


Palace / Ultraviolet – The Amazons

Feb 27, 2018

Format: 7″ Orange Vinyl

Side A: PALACE – a big ballady slab of poetic piano pop/rock. Featuring fantastically strong emotional vocals and a solid epic sound. This is poignant indie-pop and it pulls you into its world and takes you on a magic-carpet ride of highs and lows.

Side B: ULTRAVIOLET – another indie anthem but this time with a strong Keane-meets-Foo Fighters vibe throughout. An upbeat, martial rhythmic belter, true festival pleaser. Radio indie-rock, yes…but this is no by-the-numbers middle-of-the-road rock song. A call to arms, with anthemic vocals.

Score: 8/10

Vinyl Thought: Preach with beats, my friends.

Info: The Amazons (twitter) / Flying Vinyl


Is There A Place I Can Go?/Junkyard Cat – Trudy & The Romance

Jan 31, 2018

Format: 7″ Blood Red Translucent Vinyl

Side A: IS THERE A PLACE I CAN GO? – a luscious 50s style swing ballad featuring blissful, wistful flowing brassy sounds. A magically disjointed gumbo, hopping between flavours and tones. A melancholic deep-dive into a lounge-bar replete with jazz cats and blues kings. A lo-fi mournful tragedy that demands your full attention and empathy.

SIDE B: JUNKYARD CAT – Full-fat fifties jazz poetry that swoops and swirls, leaving the listener confused but captured. Feeling like a live jam in a French cafe, this is the ultimate in cool hep-cat noir. A drunken melancholia stuffed with angelic double-bass, yet rough-around-the-edges in all the best ways. Authentic and all-too-real, if rather rough’n’ready in its production.

Score: 7.5/10

Vinyl Thought: So much to think about, so far to travel…why not do it in style and with a groovy cat as your coffee-swigging companion, yeah!

Info: @trudymylove / Flying Vinyl




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