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FTLN Wanted Music 2018

February 25, 2018

Neil and Bob the Hat have taken a winter’s day trip to WANTED MUSIC in Beckenham, Kent to see what they can get for £50.


No Brainer – Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement

October 27, 2017

Format: 7″ black vinyl 
Side AA of a double A side from Come Play With Me

A slap-happy smash of discordant thumping screeching guitars resplendent with heady screamo chorus. Dark alleyway aggression meets metallic hobnailed vocals whilst repetitive slashes of noise bellow from the bottom of a tortured soul. A musical call for attention wrapped up is heavy duty fuzz and all sorts of shouty goodness.

Score: 8/10

Thought: down deep…deep in the markets better regions of existence bellows the agonized cry of Jon Jones’s musical soul!

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